Stuff I Like – Reactable synth

I make music. Sometimes, more often than not, you get bored making music the same ways. Sometimes you need to change things up and make music a different way. And this is possibly the most different way to make music. Holy crap!! I really need to get this. Like….NEED to get this. Anyone wanting to pick this up for me would be awesome. In the meantime, check out this video showing how Reactble works. Crazy.

And Bjork uses it. So it’s cool. Hands down. Facts.

Check out


The New L.A. Noire Trailer; A New Old Crime Story

L.A. Noire got announced years ago and pretty much forgotten about. We all just figured that it would be Grand Theft Auto in the 40s and we all went about our regular gaming schedule. But seeing how well Rockstar captured the essence of the old west with Red Dead Redemption and how spot on the voice acting and tone in the trailer is, I’m going to be pre-ordering this game as soon as I can. Check out the trailer, dust off your Fedora and try not to slip in your own drool watching it.

Stuff I Like: BeJeweled 3

Watch this trailer and tell me that you’re going to be getting any work done at your job. As if I didn’t play this enough already on Facebook and on PS3. On the other hand, you know at least one thing that you can get me for X-Mas. Check out the debut trailer for BeJeweled 3:

Fallout: New Vegas Countdown – The Strip

Three days until the New Vegas release and Obsidian is still pumping out the devloper diaries. This time, they discuss the main drag in New Vegas, The Strip. This looks like it’s going to cause ALOT of distractions for players. The size and scope of The Strip looks like it’s going to be as overwhelming the real strip in Vegas. And like the real Vegas, and every video game that has Blackjack and Poker (GTA: San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption), I’ll be taking time away from shooting mutants and almost dying from dehydration to work on getting my room comped and possibly getting kicked out for winning too much. Or possibly cheating. We’ll see on the 19th. Check out this video. PS: Wayne Newton is in the game. Sold!!!

Fallout: New Vegas Countdown – Free DLC for Europe (and maybe for US)

The countdown rolls on with some interesting news. The Playstation Store updated yesterday, with the usual awesomeness. But something interesting showed up in the Europe store: Free Fallout 3 DLC for Playstation Plus members as a special “Hey, a game called Fallout: New Vegas is coming out soon”. It’s a catch for Playstation Plus members. The program has already has paid for itself for me already. And seeing how I was just begging Bethesda to discount the Fallout 3 DLC not to long ago, it makes me feel like I have some kind of superior mental powers. In actuality, I’m someone that is going to have ALOT less time on his hands if (and most likely, when) this deal shows up in the US store. Stay tuned to the Playstation Blog and cross your fingers.

Countdown to Fallout: New Vegas – The Story

The countdown continues with a developer video about the story of Fallout: New Vegas. Getting shot in the head straight out of the gate is a pretty harsh way to start a game. But Fallout always starts out in very interesting ways. New Vegas won’t be any different. I kind of like the thought of recovering from a gunshot to the head and going out and looking for the people responsible for the act. It really makes you feel like a badass. Anyway, check out the video and pre-order the game to get cool extra content.