Random Piffy Thoughts – Birthers

“If you still think that Obama isn’t really the president because of some perceived “otherness” that was invented by millionaires to control simple-minded, scared white people, frightened by the horrors of a minority breaking their own stereotypes, I can’t really talk to you about real things anymore. You should find someone else to have “conversations” on Twitter with about things of this nature.”


Random Piffy Thoughts – Drake

“Drake is hilarious. I mean not so much in a funny “His music is catered to people that think that the best music is on the radio” way, but in a “People used to call me soft in high school because I spoke correct English and listened to Slayer and this mother fucker is a fucking millionare now” way. But, I’ll still totally do a song with him and cash that Drake Check. #Facts

New On Real Gangsters….Random Piffy Thoughts and Updates

To keep up posting stuff on the blog, I’m starting a new segment: Random Piffy Thoughts. Kind of an extended version of my Twitter feed, but not too much. Maybe three of four sentences on random stuff I think. Hopefully, it’ll be a continuing thing.

Also, if you didn’t know, I’ve stated a new thing Tuesday nights on Twitter called “Retailer Privilege Comic Review”, where I read comics and talk about them, spoiler free, on Twitter before the on sale date. It was something I just did anyway on Tusedays because I’m always on my laptop, but now people are taking notice and enjoying it. So I’m trying to make it a thing I do pretty often. I’ve gotten a few writer and artist responses and that’s pretty cool. So if you’re around on Tuesday night, check out my Twitter feed, @JFX316 and see what’s good.

Oh, and buy “Don’t Get Killed”…..