New On Real Gangsters….Random Piffy Thoughts and Updates

To keep up posting stuff on the blog, I’m starting a new segment: Random Piffy Thoughts. Kind of an extended version of my Twitter feed, but not too much. Maybe three of four sentences on random stuff I think. Hopefully, it’ll be a continuing thing.

Also, if you didn’t know, I’ve stated a new thing Tuesday nights on Twitter called “Retailer Privilege Comic Review”, where I read comics and talk about them, spoiler free, on Twitter before the on sale date. It was something I just did anyway on Tusedays because I’m always on my laptop, but now people are taking notice and enjoying it. So I’m trying to make it a thing I do pretty often. I’ve gotten a few writer and artist responses and that’s pretty cool. So if you’re around on Tuesday night, check out my Twitter feed, @JFX316 and see what’s good.

Oh, and buy “Don’t Get Killed”…..


New posts updates and incoming awesomeness

– New Real Life Sucks on Watch the Throne

– Thoughts on the Republican “Debates” on Thursday.

– More Starcraft 2 games

– Reviews of PunisherMax and Shadoweyes in Love. (finally)

Thanks for reading and watching. I dig you all the most.

Losing Track of Days

Hello everyone. Figured that I haven’t writen aanything in a while, so I’m updating everyone in case you were wondering.

So, I went to Hawaii a few weeks ago with the family. It was a great time. It was a thing like it was going to be the last time we were going to be able to do any kind of vacation for a long time, so we went for it. It was a great time. While not the first time we’ve gone, we did alot of new things this time around. Instead of writing about the whole 10 day trip, I recorded most of the trip, so look for a special episode (or two) of Real Life Sucks based on the tropical getaway. Look for the 4th of July parade, The Sea Life Park and beautiful scenery and people coming up soon. And yes, I reallize that I’m not done with my RLS episodes from C2E2 in March, so no need pointing it out. How’s YOU’RE webshow going? Yeah, that’s what I thought….

Music has been going well. I’ve got a release out now. Music for Deviant Acts is now live on Bandcamp. Check it out if you have some time on your hands. You can listen to the songs for free. For more info, go to the JFX316 website and buy/download those deals and support the endless music projects that I’m putting out. Production for Don’t Get Killed is going well. Still wwriting words and tracks. Every time I think I’m done, I write something that gets me super excited. At some point, I’ll have to stop and get it together. It’ll be cool.

I just helped my friends do an ad for New York Comic Con. The music is a lot different than what I’ve been doing, musically. But it’s work and for 30 seconds, it’s pretty catchy. I found out that the ad will be featured on Cablevision stations and Screenvision movie theater pre-shows in the New York-area leading up to the show in October. The fact that in a roundabout way, I have ads for my two biggest projects playing on movie screens in the New York area is pretty wild. I also, like the fact that the music I did for this ad doesn’t sound ANYTHING like what I’m doing now. I might have to pull up the song from the ad if people are into it. Still, pretty awesome for Team JFX.

My PS3 has crossed into the realm of ghosts. Sucks because I’ve been reduced to watching Netflix on the Wii. As I said on Twitter, Watching Netflix on the Wii is the greatest weapon Al Qaeda can use against us. on the other hand, I’ve been playing more PC games and getting better at using the “WASD’ setup. i can’t tell you how great it is to have a working and functional version of Team Fortress 2. I’m been beating up the game pretty hard in the last few days. I love it. I’ve fallen off on Startcraft 2, but with the new season starting, I might try and find time to pick it up again. I’ve also started playing World of Warcraft. I know. With the new ‘play free until Lvl 20’ and the free time a friend from the store gave me, I’m slowly starting to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve only played for about 30 minutes. I’m trying to milk this as long as I can.

That’s all for now. Buy the record and follow me on Twitter. I’ve got new New Life Sucks videos up, so watch those.

So, this happened……..

The new JFX316 album, Music for Deviant Acts is now live on Bandcamp right now! It’s been a while. I’m pretty excited to get this out there. I’ve been working on it off and on for years and it’s time to get things rolling. This is the first on four planed releases this year. More about that later. For now, check out the record. Listen to it, tell friends, play it for your parents, (they MIGHT like it) share it on you favorite social media outlet…whatever.

In the meantime, check out the “single”, The Unreal World.

How Lupe Fiasco Played Himself

While rappers stepping out of their comfort zone and making huge political statements aren’t uncommon, (remember Puffy and ‘Vote or Die?‘ Yeah, we all wish we could forget) it doesn’t usually end well for the artist or for hip hop. So after hearing Mr. Fiasco say that “Obama was the biggest terrorist in the United States“, I figured that we’d see him on some conservative talk show pretty soon.

So today, I watched Lupe go one on one with Fox News’ master of the ‘No Spin Zone’, Bill O’Reilly. And, to be completely honest, Lupe got his clock cleaned. I think that I understand what he was trying to say. That America often plays world police and a lot of our decisions are self serving, but instead of voicing that point, he stuttered and stammered over O’Reilly browbeating him and hip hop fans about being stupid about issues that don’t pertain to bitches and swag. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video.

By the way, for someone that’s in a musical genre that hinges on lyrical prowess, he got completely owned by O’Reilly. Flat out. But, to be fair, Lupe isn’t a good rapper to begin with. Stick to making overrated rap records and keep not voting, Lupe.

Cheap Plugs – Real Life Sucks Webshow

If you read Real Gangsters Don’t Blog, you know that I’ve talked about my webshow, Real Life Sucks before. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I took video classes in high school and college and I’ve always been into creating. Even if it’s just to amuse myself and my friends. I hope to branch into more political, music and gaming related videos soon. So be on the lookout. Until then, check out my YouTube channel and my Real Life Sucks playlist, where you can watch all of the videos in a row. WARNING: it could be almost too much awesomeness for you to handle.

Check out the latest episode “Heroism” here. Thanks for watching.

The Future of Hip Hop (and indie music) Rests on this Record…..

I won’t go on and on about Tyler the Creator and his new album, Goblin. I’ve done it enough in other places over the last few months. But, in the face of his album release, I’ll put it like this. Every independent artist SHOULD be rooting for this record to be big.

But why? You don’t like Tyler’s in your face style of offensive rap? You don’t like rap in general? That’s not the point. The point is that this time last year, Tyler and Odd Future were GIVING AWAY their records for free. Not trying to blow up and get huge. Although, I’m sure it wasn’t outside of their sights. No, it was just because they liked what they were doing and wanted to get it out there. A year later, Tyler’s record is the talk of the music world and on national tv bringing their brand of music to an unsuspecting public. Odd Future are touring EVERYWHERE on the planet and are turning everyone’s heads upside down with their live performances. The grind and hustle of these guys (and girl) eclipses any rapper out there dropping mixtapes about how much Gucci they are wearing or finding a different word to rhymes with ‘Swag’

The point is that Tyler signed a record deal off of him and his crew moving records and creating a buzz all by themselves. Doing what they want to do. If they had tried to shop that record to labels, they wouldn’t have gotten a second look because of what IS trending in the Hip Hop mainstream. Now they are on top of the world. It gives me hope that if I keep playing and making music that I can make it on my own terms at some point. And that’s the takeaway here. This record doing well is a HUGE foot in the door for ALL indie artists. Rappers, bands, DJs whatever. Tyler’s Goblin album is the thing you can shove in labels, club owners, press peoples’ faces when they tell you what you’re doing is “outside the mainstream” or “won’t sell” or “won’t draw people”. Everyone that makes any forms of indie art or music NEEDS to root for Goblin to blow the fuck up. It’s in everyone’s best interest that it does.

And I’ll leave you with my favorite song of the record so far. Buy. This. Record. NOW!