About Mr. Whittaker

J.Whittaker is an example is the world pushing you the the brink. An Ohio native, Whittaker has spent most of his adult life trying to figure out the narrow views of his common man. His opinions on life, music, art, politics and general haberdashery have been known to be abrasive, vulgar, thought provoking and often hilarious. His prose work is free flowing and open. Like cutting an artery, Whittaker lets it all fall out on to the page and lets the reader sort though the messy details.

Having pretty distinctive opinions about a wide range of topics, Whittaker started his ‘Real Gangsters Don’t Blog’ blog to have an outlet for his writings as well as opinion pieces about things he has found interesting and worth talking about. Covering all his interests, from music and video games to politics and popular culture, Whittaker has a perspective of a mid-western guy that reads from time to time. He promotes what he likes and calls out what he doesn’t. Or just mocks it. There isn’t enough mocking nowadays.

Jared writes for the blog “This Week in Blackness” and contributes to numerous other writing outlets. He is heard weekly on the Super-Fly Podcast talking about comics, games and other random stuff and on PCW, dealing with wrestling on the Panels on Pages Network. He also writes the POP! column Game Changer, a weekly burning missive about gaming and issues surrounding it. He also records, DJs and preforms electronic music under the name JFX316. He is planning on recording his writing as a series of spoken word pieces.


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