Random Piffy Thoughts – Birthers

“If you still think that Obama isn’t really the president because of some perceived “otherness” that was invented by millionaires to control simple-minded, scared white people, frightened by the horrors of a minority breaking their own stereotypes, I can’t really talk to you about real things anymore. You should find someone else to have “conversations” on Twitter with about things of this nature.”


One response to “Random Piffy Thoughts – Birthers

  1. I still see the word “birther” and think that it means people that love to have babies. Either way, I’m anti-them.

    Sadly, most of these people (the anti-Obama ones, not the ankle-biter factories) would probably be cool with Ah-nold as prez, even though he was clearly born in another country. Goddamned racists. 😦

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