Random Piffy Thoughts – Birthers

“If you still think that Obama isn’t really the president because of some perceived “otherness” that was invented by millionaires to control simple-minded, scared white people, frightened by the horrors of a minority breaking their own stereotypes, I can’t really talk to you about real things anymore. You should find someone else to have “conversations” on Twitter with about things of this nature.”


Random Piffy Thoughts – Drake

“Drake is hilarious. I mean not so much in a funny “His music is catered to people that think that the best music is on the radio” way, but in a “People used to call me soft in high school because I spoke correct English and listened to Slayer and this mother fucker is a fucking millionare now” way. But, I’ll still totally do a song with him and cash that Drake Check. #Facts

New On Real Gangsters….Random Piffy Thoughts and Updates

To keep up posting stuff on the blog, I’m starting a new segment: Random Piffy Thoughts. Kind of an extended version of my Twitter feed, but not too much. Maybe three of four sentences on random stuff I think. Hopefully, it’ll be a continuing thing.

Also, if you didn’t know, I’ve stated a new thing Tuesday nights on Twitter called “Retailer Privilege Comic Review”, where I read comics and talk about them, spoiler free, on Twitter before the on sale date. It was something I just did anyway on Tusedays because I’m always on my laptop, but now people are taking notice and enjoying it. So I’m trying to make it a thing I do pretty often. I’ve gotten a few writer and artist responses and that’s pretty cool. So if you’re around on Tuesday night, check out my Twitter feed, @JFX316 and see what’s good.

Oh, and buy “Don’t Get Killed”…..

Herman Cain is amazing!! (And a quitter)

Look, we all knew this day would come. Herman Cain as been embarrassing himself for months now in his amazing (read: ridiculous) campaign to make Obama a one term president be the president of the United States. Today, it all came to a head with his “suspension” of his campaign. We had some laughs. His music videos were amazing. His “999” plan helped EA sell SimCity 4. His shitty pizzas made me remember that I want to eat at Pizza Hut more. But today, he called it and bailed out of the race to start a website or something. Watch the carnage if you can…..

Oh and don’t forget this……

Stuff I Like – Reactable synth

I make music. Sometimes, more often than not, you get bored making music the same ways. Sometimes you need to change things up and make music a different way. And this is possibly the most different way to make music. Holy crap!! I really need to get this. Like….NEED to get this. Anyone wanting to pick this up for me would be awesome. In the meantime, check out this video showing how Reactble works. Crazy.

And Bjork uses it. So it’s cool. Hands down. Facts.

Check out www.reactable.com/

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 Highlights – Public Enemy

My favorite hop hip group and THE greatest hip hop group EVER played Fun Fun Fun Fest. Public Enemy flattened everyone. The fact that 21 years after it’s release, hearing “Fight the Power” can still make me want to break everything in the room speaks to the staying power of the group and the sentiment of the song itself. Amazing. I hope I can see them one day. Check out “Fight the Power”, which should be Occupy Wall Street’s theme song.